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We've selected a few questions from our FAQ relating to foreign exchange. Any questions? Get in touch with our customer service.

During the procedure for sending foreign currency, you should choose the purpose that most closely matches your transfer needs. This information is important for tax purposes and can influence the final cost of the exchange. If you are not sure how to classify the operation, please contact us.

To register the favored account, have the following information at hand: 1) Bank Name; 2) Payment Details; 3) IBAN; 4) Favored Name; 5) Bank City; 6) City; 7) State; 8) Address; 9) BIC;

If you have a promotional coupon code, enter the data in the "Do you have a coupon?" field and click "Apply" to get the discount.



The company authorized by the Central Bank to carry out your foreign exchange is Ouro Minas (OM DISTRIBUIDORA DE TÍTULOS E VALORES MOBILIÁRIOS LTDA), so Cestarolli Câmbio is only an intermediary in the presentation between you and Ouro Minas. However, since we have many operations, we are able to offer you a better exchange rate than retail banks or even Ouro Minas itself offers individual clients.

In order to buy and sell foreign currency, the Central Bank requires the institution to have a series of documents to operate in this segment. However, there is nothing to prevent other companies from introducing the client to the company that will carry out the exchange operation itself. These companies are called Foreign Exchange Correspondents.

Once the transfer/PIX has been made to the Financial Institution there is the normal market confirmation time which can vary from a few minutes to up to 2 working days depending on the type of transfer chosen. In any case, as soon as this is possible, you will be able to access the "Send/Receive Orders" button in your Personal Area, under "My Orders". On this page there will be a list of operations, choose the operation and you will have access to the receipts and the exchange contract.

After confirmation of receipt by the financial institution, the procedure for sending the foreign currency to the account in the destination country begins. The international financial system is well developed and the time it takes to receive the money is getting shorter every day. However, each institution has a certain amount of autonomy in choosing the time it takes to complete the operation, but it usually doesn't exceed 2 working days.