Is Cestarolli Travel TAP Partner reliable? Get to know the only TAP Partner in SP

If you like to travel and are looking for airline tickets, tickets, travel insurance, hotels, cruises and other services, you must have already searched for travel agencies that offer the service, right? But how to choose an agency? Which agency is reliable? In this article we will evaluate the travel agency Cestarolli Travel. Learn all about it in this article that we have prepared for you.Article Index

Meet Cestarolli Travel TAP Partner agency

Cestarolli Tap Partner is a travel agency located in São Paulo, which has a team of experienced consultants in the airline industry and tourism. The travel agency focuses on Europe, but guarantees trips to all continents, including all major domestic destinations.

According to the information on the Cestarolli Travel TAP Partner site, the company works with all airlines and with products and services related to tickets and tourism.

The TAP partner agency offers the services of a specialized agency related to issuing, rebooking, repricing and changes to TAP tickets or, for example, the service that is required by passengers registered with the Miles&Go Program (formerly Victoria Program). With this program, you can use your miles in all Star Alliance partners.

TAP's only partner in São Paulo

Located on Paulista Avenue, the agency was created as TAP Partner and is the closest to the headquarters of the Portuguese airline TAP.

Even though it is specialized in serving TAP passengers, it seeks to be recognized as the best cost-benefit alternative for all traveler profiles, all flight preferences, and for those who want to live unique travel experiences to all places in the world.

Is Cestarolli Travel TAP Partner reliable?

Yes. To state, we analyzed the following data:

The agency has the corporate name: CESTAROLLI TRAVEL LTDA - EPP, CNPJ: 27.829.485/0001-87 and is headquartered at the following address: Av. Paulista, N° 509 - 15th floor - CONJ1501. Bela Vista - São Paulo / SP - Zip Code: 01311-000.

The site has a padlock on the browser, which means that the connection is secure and that your information such as passwords or credit card numbers remain private when sent to the site.

In addition, the travel agency is a partner of trusted companies, such as: TAP, Portuguese Chamber, Cadastur, and others.

What services does the Cestarolli Travel TAP Partner agency provide?

The following services are provided by Cestarolli Travel:

Airline Tickets

Cestarolli Travel Tap Partner provides tickets to national and international destinations by the best airlines in the world. Some of the main services that the agency offers in the airline ticket sector are: sale, rebooking, purchase by miles and TAP voucher.

Traveling Companion

It is possible to travel with a person 24 hours by your side, to guarantee unforgettable moments and to avoid any risks.

Car Rental

Cestarolli Travel Tap Partner also offers a car rental service.


You can also buy tickets for tourist attractions, such as theme parks, museums, and tours, with Cestarolli Travel TAP Partner.


It is possible to buy the best tours and park visits in several national and international destinations. The agency has numerous partnerships, in order to offer the most varied options.

Tour in Paris with Cestarolli Travel

Travel insurance

To travel without worry, you can purchase from Cestarolli Travel TAP Partner your complete travel insurance, including medical assistance, assistance for delayed flights, and advice in case of lost luggage.


Cestarolli Travel TAP Partner has more than 150,000 alternatives of hotels, inns, resorts, as well as various other accommodations.


You can also hire your dream cruise with the travel agency, to enjoy various events, taste renowned gastronomic dishes, and participate in different activities.

Vacation Club

The Vacation Club is an excellent alternative for those who want to enjoy the whole structure of a resort, for a very reasonable price.

Now see some answers to three frequently asked questions about Cestarolli Travel. To answer them more precisely, we contacted Erika Cestarolli, one of the people responsible for Cestarolli Travel.

I need to rebook my ticket with TAP and I am not able to. Can Cestarolli Travel help me?

Cestarolli can help TAP customers to rebook their airline ticket. This is one of the travel agency's specialties.

I want to use my Miles&Go miles to buy airline tickets. How can I do that?

Cestarolli Travel can search for the desired dates and destinations, book and issue tickets for TAP and Star Alliance companies.

To do this you need to enter the passenger's mileage amount as well as check if there are any miles to expire. It is possible to rebook with miles and upgrade with miles.

I want to upgrade my ticket to a higher class. Does Cestarolli Travel offer this service?

Yes, Cestarolli Travel can upgrade airline tickets, as well as add services such as: extra baggage, pet, among others.

Cestarolli Travel Contacts

Check, now, all Cestarolli Travel's contacts.

  • Address: Av. Paulista, 509 - Conj. 1.501, São Paulo - SP;
  • Phone numbers: (11) 2369-3547 / (11) 2369-3592;
  • E-mail: tappartner.cestarolli@tap.pt;
  • Website: https://cestarollitravel.com.br/;
  • Whatsapp: (11) 98807-8344;
  • You can also send a message on the site, in the contact area.

In addition, you can like and follow Cestarolli Travel on social networks, to learn all the news from the travel agency:

Is it worth hiring with Cestarolli Travel?

After analyzing the company's reputation, customer satisfaction, the services offered, and contacting the people in charge, we consider that yes, it is worth hiring the services offered by Cestarolli Travel agency.

More than just selling tickets, the company seeks to surprise those who contact it, offering a personalized, exclusive service, with a lot of attention to the customer. As Erico Cestarolli, the company's manager, told us:

We want more than having clients, we want to have friends. People who trust our service, who come to us whenever they travel, and we do everything we can to make their trip a unique moment. Our goal is to take care of the traveler, before, during, and after arrival at the destination.

In addition, Cestarolli Travel Tap Partner offers many advantages for the traveler, such as:

  • Great variety of selected hotels to stay at;
  • Low price and better economy, with customized travel packages;
  • Good rating, according to the international media, for the quality of the service;
  • Attending to various services in different languages.

Check out some testimonials about Cestarolli Travel on Google:

Always very well attended. Friendliness, Kindness and Competence. Here you can trust that you will have total assistance to make your travel dream come true. I highly recommend it! - Ricardo Brivio.

Great service - Paulo Estevão.

Impeccable service! Team well prepared in the segment. - Nibe Security.

If you are looking for a travel agency with great quality and reliability, log on to Cestarolli Travel TAP Partner's website and get a quote.


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